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Aesthetics and gynecology can go hand in hand today. The team at Mid-Kansas Women's Center PA in Wichita, KS offers the Juliet procedure, which can also be used to correct problems like urinary incontinence.

Aesthetics Q & A

What is Aesthetic Gynecology?

Aesthetic gynecology includes a group of services that are designed to improve the overall appearance of the vagina. The aesthetic gynecology procedures offered at Mid-Kansas Women's Center PA also have some other significant benefits. The way that the vagina looks is important, but the way it feels and functions are just as important to most women. Therefore, aesthetic gynecology focuses on not only creating a more youthful-looking and more beautiful vagina but also on creating a vagina that is tighter and more youthful feeling.

What Does the Juliet Treatment Do?

The Juliet treatment is a minimally invasive laser-based treatment that can rejuvenate the vaginal area in several different ways. The laser prompts the sub-mucosal vaginal tissues to produce brand new collagen. This will help the vaginal tissues regain thickness, softness, and elasticity that has been lost due to aging or childbirth. The new appearance is generally that of a younger vaginal area. This treatment is also a good choice for women who are suffering from painful intercourse, vaginal itching, and vaginal irritation. All of these things typically go away after treatment with the Juliet system. Additionally, women who experience urinary incontinence often see a major reduction in urine leakage.

What is Surgical Labiaplasty?

A surgical labiaplasty may be an option for women who suffer from having excess skin in the labia. While the Juliet treatment may be the best non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation, it cannot remove extra skin or correct significant asymmetry issues in the vaginal area like labiaplasty surgery can. Women who are interested in improving the appearance and the feel of their vagina should discuss their goals and needs with their OB/GYN. The doctor can help each patient decide which of these vaginal rejuvenation procedures fits their needs the best.